Best Naive Bayes Video/Tutorial Collection – Top 20

Naive Bayes is a supervised classification algorithm which is based on the Bayes rule of conditional probability. It is considered to be one of the robust classification techniques and has many times outperformed its sophisticated counterparts like Decision Trees, Random Forests, KNN etc.

This article includes a curated list of Naive Bayes videos that can help a beginner to learn this amazing algorithm and at the same time can help veterans to use this technique more effectively.

I have written quite a few articles around this amazing algo which is very close to my heart and for the benefit of the readers they can access those article by clicking on the below listed links in the form of article names:

  1. Using Naive Bayes to Predict First Call Resolution (Contact Center Management)
  2. Naive Bayes Process at a Glance (Step by Step Approach)
  3. The Detective Algorithm: Murder in the Parking Lot (A new spin to make this algo easy to understand)

So, here is the curated list of videos …enjoy !!!

  1. Naive Bayes Part 1: Aaron Galvan
  2. Naive Bayes Part 2: Aaron Galvan
  3. Naive Bayes Conditional Independence: Victor Laverenko
  4. Naive Bayes Gaussian Example: Victor Laverenko
  5. Naive Bayes Spam Detection: Victor Laverenko
  6. Naive Bayes Missing Attribute Values: Victor Laverenko
  7. Running a simple Naive Bayes model in Rapidminer
  8. Naive Bayes Relationship to Language Modeling
  9. Naive Bayes – Probabilistic Graphical Models – Professor Daphne Koller
  10. More About Naive Bayes
  11. Bayesian Tutorial: Binomial Data in R
  12. Introduction to Probability & Bayes Rule
  13. Bayesian Data Analysis: Matsciencechannel
  14. Tutorial Bayesian Belief Networks: Jeff Grover
  15. Managing Risk Using Bayesian Methods
  16. Introduction to Total Probability & Bayes’ Rule: Timothy Schulz
  17. Doing Bayes’ Formula Problems without “using” Bayes’ Formula: COCCMaths
  18. Tutorial Recursive Bayes’ with Matlab: Student Dave
  19. Introduction to Bayesian Inference
  20. Bayes Theorem “Solving a Typical Problem”

Note: I would like to thank all the lecturers for recording and providing these quality videos free of cost.


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