ZMOT: The Zero Moment Of Truth Making the Perfect Pitch

In 2011 when Google introduced ZMOT it revolutionized the Digital Marketing Business by helping the organizations to understand consumer behaviors when searching information about a product or a service online.

ZMOT not only enabled businesses to understand their potential consumers in a better way but also helped to take advantage of their buying patterns related to online search, brand loyalty, post sale support expectations etc. to make that perfect sales pitch.

It helped the Service/Product companies to track and analyze the consumer behavior in between the Stimulus and First Moment of Truth to have successful outcome i.e. buying a product or a service

A perfect  ZMOT Moment: Walmart’s Baby Diapers and Beer analysis.

In this case study the Stimulus was Pregnancy which translated into happiness resulting in the purchase of Beer cans to celebrate the occasion and the outcome was Beer cans were placed closer to the Baby Diapers. Though the outcome is still questioned by many analysts.

ZMOT: Helping Digital Marketing Companies to Redefine their Marketing Strategies

Zero Moment of Truth also helped various companies to redefine their marketing strategies purely based on the “Word of Mouth” which introduced “Referral Schemes” for existing customers to spread positive words for the service and here the Stimulus was Friends and Family,Online.One of the best examples for this strategy is Starbucks, Starbucks proudly touts about its clever social media presence which has helped Starbucks to establish itself as a “People’s Brand”

Another powerful vehicle introduced with in the ZMOT framework is Television. Considered as an “Idiot Box” but has a lot to offer to the “Wise World”. The impact of visual story telling is unfathomable. The perfect example of this ZMOT medium is Dollar Shave club. Based out of California this company provides Razors and other personal grooming equipment by mail and position itself as a cost-effective option compared to any retail outlet. this company was able to get 12,000 customers with in 2 days by using the power of “Visual Story Telling”. Dollar Shave spent $4500 on a video and in return got 9.5 Million views for their video, 23,000 followers on Twitter and 76,000 fans on Facebook that too in only 2 days.

To conclude I believe ZMOT by Google positions itself as the most intuitive and futuristic way of ensuring not only a Successful sale but also gears itself to alter the perceptions of the consumer by the most effective means of Persuasion.

In my next article I will share a statistical method that can help Digital Marketing Companies to devise powerful survey questionnaire to attract more and more consumers….till then “Happy Analytics to All”


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