How to use Big Data to be a Good Global Citizen

As we talk tirelessly about Big Data to achieve our business and entrepreneurial aspirations. What about using this information to address some raging issues across the globe, especially around Water Scarcity & Water Foot Print of Products that we use day in and day out?

What is Water Foot Print of a Product?

The water footprint of a product is the amount of water used and wasted during the processing stages of its production. A product footprint tells us how much pressure that product has put on freshwater sources, or liters per kilogram, gallons per pound or per bottle of milk.

Let’s look at some hard numbers around two of the most common products that we use and their related water foot print.



The list is endless !!!


To be a responsible Global Citizens we should understand how much water is to be used to lead our daily lives comfortably. Let’s take a pledge to use data not only in our professional but in our personal lives as well to make informed decisions.

Data holds the real power to change the way today’s world reacts to the information. Data has got the great power to change the thinking patterns and alter the behaviors of the Global Citizens.

“In God we Trust, Rest all Bring Data”




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